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Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
's an official holiday in 11 countries including india, sri lanka and singapore. it marks the triumph of good over evil. >>> still ahead tonight a celebration is spoiled by a scandal inside the beltway. that's coming up. >>> the story of paula broadwell and the downfall of general petraeus has a connection to another washington. the little one. 70 miles shutoff d.c.. you probably -- south of d.c.. you probably heard of the famous five star inn at little washington. that's where broadwell and her husband were to celebrate her birthday friday. the same night she became a household name. peggy fox returns from washington, virginia. >> oh my god. what happened? can you believe it? >> reporter: it's the five star inn at -- five star inn at little washington that's put washington, virginia on the map. now azannal worthy of the big washington is making its mark on the tiny picturesque town. >> this kind of thing is happening in our sleepy little town. they were right here. >> reporter: paula broadwell was here with her husband to celebrate her 40th birthday in the foothills of the blue ridge mountai
Nov 15, 2012 6:00pm EST
: they were inspired when they learned about traveling to india. they joined the research project because they hit close to home for her too. >> when i found out they were doing research on the diseases, lead by the parasites, my mom, she had lyme disease so it was kind of a motivating factor. >> reporter: they had their eyes on the future of their amazing accomplishments. they hope their vaccine goes to human trial and sam wants to expand the horizons of his software program. >> i'm looking at the extension of my program using the shorelines as opposed to the horizon. so i'm going to start working with that. >> reporter: 9news. >> and the next step for these kids is the national competition. that's from december 1 through the 4th at gw. and the top winner gets $100,000 in scholarship money. there is a lot on the line. gosh, we wish them luck. amazing kids. >> yes, absolutely. who would think about that? only down to 30 meters too. i talked to erica about this. what a great report. they can now locate it by horizon. >> wow. >> that's pretty cool stuff. high school, you know, well, it was
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2